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Giddy Up"Giddy Up"by Manon Sander 9x12, Oil , $500,
Call 561-374-0837

  Pinto at Sunshine Meadows"Pinto by Pati Maguire, oil 8x10
Call 561-37-0837
  Oats at Sunshine Meadows"Oats" by Sheila Wolff
Oil, 11x14 $400 / Call 561-37-0837

Yamarado at Sunshine MeadowsYamarado at Sunshine Meadows by Papa
oil on panel, 6x8

Goldie at Sunshine Meadows 2-20-2021

Goldie by Ralph Papa
8 x 8 x 1 1/2"
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas

$ 450 / Call 561-374-0837
  West Lake View at Sunshine Meadows"Lake View" by Ralph Papa, oil 12x16 $600
Call Papa at 561-374-0837
  Pinto Mare named Jersey"Jersey" Pinto Mare by Ralph Papa
oil 12 x 16, $600
  Horses @ Sunshine Meadows by Papa"Coral Pals" by Papa, oil 9x12, $400
Horses at Sunshine Meadows"Horse Stable" by
Debby Coles Dobay
10 x 14, Graphite on paper
Call 561-37-0837
  Morning at Sunshine Meadows by Sheila Wolff

Morning at Sheila Wolff
11 x 14", Oil on canvas

$450 / Call 561-374-0837



Palomino, My Pal by Debby Coles Dobay

Pal by Debby Coles Dobay
8 x 10, Gouache on canvas panel, $400
Call 561-37-0837

Perfect Model at Sunshine Meadows by Andreas Lopez Thunder by Andreas Lopez Stall with a View

Horse at Sunshine Meadows by
Debby Coles Dobay ,

14 x 10, Graphite on paper

For info: Call 561-37-0837

Perfect Model by Adreas Lopez

12 x 9, Oil on linen panel / $425
Call at 561-374-0837
"Thunder" by Andres Lopez
30x30, oil on linen canvas, $2950
Call 561-374-0837

Stall with a View by Lorrie Turner

14 x 11", Pastel Painting
$450 / Call at 561-374-0837